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ADAS Calibration After Repair

Why You Need to Get an ADAS Calibration Done After a Repair

Most modern cars are full of safety systems, know as ADAS. These systems help the driver to avoid accidents on
State Farm Lawsuit

American Auto Insurer Faces Lawsuit Over Adjustment of Write-Off Values

State Farm, America’s largest auto insurer, are facing a proposed class-action lawsuit which accuses them of systematically underpaying thousands of
SMSF Classic Car Valuations

Getting a Car Valuated for Your SMSF

Are you looking to manage your super fund and buy a classic car with the money? Under the Self Managed
Pre-Purchase Car Inspections

Why It’s Worth Getting a Pre-Purchase Inspection

Nobody wants to buy a new car only to find out that it is hiding something below the surface which
Toyota Requires Clear Coat Blending to Stop in Body Repairs

Toyota Puts an End to Clear Coat Blending on Repair Jobs

Toyota has updated it’s Collision Repair Information Bulletin No. 65 on clear coat to require panel beaters to follow the
How a Car Assessment Could Save You Thousands

How a Car Assessment Could Save You Thousands

If you have been involved in a car accident and are at-fault, there are some things you should be aware
Post Repair Car Assessing

Why It’s a Good Idea to Get Your Car Assessed After a Repair

Normally when people get their car back from repair they think the process is over and they can relax. However,
Occupant Classification System Recalibration

Are Your Passengers Safe? Here Is Why Occupant Classification Systems Need Recalibration

Passenger airbags are a common sight in cars now, having been installed in all new cars for some time. With
Do You Have to Replace Seat Belts After a Car Accident?

Do You Need to Replace Seat Belts After a Car Accident?

In the unfortunate event of an accident, the main thing most people think of, regarding the car, is repairing the
How Uncalibrated ADAS Can Make Your Car Dangerous

How ADAS That Is Not Properly Calibrated Can Make Your Car Dangerous

To begin with, what is ADAS? ADAS standards for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and these are electronic systems in cars