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Adaptive Headlight Calibration

Adaptive Headlight Calibration Services in Australia

Recalibrate Your Safety System After Replacing or Repairing Headlights

Adaptive headlights are part of the ADAS system and change position based on where the steering wheel is positioned, and sometimes vehicle speed, in order to illuminate the road in the direction the car is heading. They pivot in order to better illuminate dark, windy roads, when going over hills and when the car is braking and accelerating.

These headlights work by using a number of sensors including light sensors, steering sensors and axle position sensors to determine where the lights should be pointing.

Adaptive Headlight Calibration

If the headlights have been removed or replaced, say after a collision repair, they will need to be calibrated in order to operate correctly when they are reinstalled on the car. If not done correctly, the adaptive headlights won’t work correctly and could even end up pointing on the wrong direction!

We at NAE offer all adaptive headlight calibration services in Australia, using the Autel MaxiSys for all calibrations which is the only accredited ADAS system available.

We currently offer ADAS calibration services from our facilities at Factory 5 – 41 Ferry Road, Southport, QLD on a by-appointment only basis. So if you need your headlights calibrated, fill out the form below or give us a call on 1800 844 999 to book yours in.

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