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ADAS Windscreen Calibration Services in Australia

Recalibrate Your Safety System After a Repair or Windscreen Replacement

If you have just had your windscreen repaired and your car is equipped with ADAS, it is imperative that you get the system recalibrated.

ADAS systems work by using a camera that is located in the middle of the windscreen. This camera sends information about the conditions of the road ahead to the ADAS so that the system knows when to use the automated safety measures.

After the windscreen has been replaced, getting the ADAS calibrated is crucial to ensure that the system continues to operate correctly. This is because the windscreen has to be positioned perfectly in relation to the camera’s sensors in order for the system to work.

ADAS Windscreen Calibration Australia

An uncalibrated system can cause serious issues, including the ADAS system jumping in and causing the car to do things when it shouldn’t, including avoidance braking and steering. It’s probably pretty clear how this could be dangerous.

We at NAE offer all ADAS calibration services in Australia, using the Autel MaxiSys for all calibrations which is the only accredited ADAS system available.

We currently offer ADAS calibration services from our facilities at Factory 5 – 41 Ferry Road, Southport, QLD on a by-appointment only basis. So if you need your car calibrated, fill out the form below or give us a call on 1800 844 999 to book yours in.

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