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ADAS & Windscreen Calibration Services in Australia

Recalibrate Your ADAS Safety System After a Repair or Windscreen Replacement

If your car is equipped with ADAS and you have just had it repaired from an accident or had the windscreen replaced, it is imperative that you get the ADAS system recalibrated.

ADAS systems work by using a camera that is located in the middle of the windscreen. This camera sends information about the conditions of the road ahead to the ADAS so that the system knows when to use the automated safety measures.

Why Does ADAS Need to Be Calibrated?

After the windscreen has been replaced, or any panel repair is done (no matter how minor), getting the ADAS calibrated is crucial to ensure that the system continues to operate correctly. It is also a legal requirement to have the ADAS recalibrated after a repair. This is because the windscreen has to be positioned perfectly in relation to the camera’s sensors in order for the system to work, along with any other radar or lidar sensors it may use.

ADAS Windscreen Calibration Australia

When Does ADAS Need to Be Calibrated?

ADAS systems need to be recalibrated any time there is a change on the vehicle that could affect any of the sensors or monitoring systems that are part of the ADAS. This includes:

  • When the windscreen has been replaced
  • After an accident, even if it’s a small nudge (this could still move the camera or sensor)
  • If a bumper has been taken off the vehicle and put back on
  • If a modification has been done to a vehicle, such as different sized wheels or tyres, raised or lowered ride height, replaced bumpers etc
  • Anything else that could affect any part of the ADAS system

What Happens If the ADAS Is Not Calibrated?

An uncalibrated ADAS system can cause serious issues, including the ADAS system jumping in and causing the car to do things when it shouldn’t, including avoidance braking and steering when there is no need. This can be extremely dangerous, especially at motorway speeds.

Here is what happens if the ADAS camera is not aligned:

ADAS Windscreen Camera Calibration

The diagram above shows what happens if the camera is even 1 degree off. The ADAS system would not be able to correctly read where the car is in relation to the surroundings, and could cause a drastic drop in performance, especially at motorway speeds (which is when the system is most crucial for avoiding emergencies). For more information on ADAS, visit our ADAS information page.

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We at NAE offer all ADAS calibration services in Australia, using the Autel MaxiSys for all calibrations which is the only accredited ADAS system available.

We currently offer ADAS calibration services from our facilities at Factory 5 – 41 Ferry Road, Southport, QLD on a by-appointment only basis. 

We also offer Free ADAS checks if you have had a car repaired or modified (including utes and 4x4s) and need to make sure your ADAS is still working correctly. To find out more, click here.

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