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Have you got a car that's been damaged, repaired poorly or you just want valuated?

We Are Independent Car & Vehicle Assessors in Brisbane & Queensland Who Will Provide An Accurate And Fair Assessment

If you are looking to have a car assessed, whether for an insurance claim, after an accident, to make sure a repair has been done correctly, or you just need a true market valuation on a vehicle, we can help.

We at National Assessing & Engineering are independent car assessors who will:

  • Provide a fair market valuation on your vehicle (for insurance, tax or resale purposes)
  • Ensure that a repair has been completed correctly and to the manufacturer’s standard (and what to do if it has not)
  • Assess a damaged vehicle, whether accident, flood, vandalism or some other form of damage, to establish its true value and the true cost of the repair, so that you get the full cost of the repair covered
  • Assess an insurance repair bill and determine if you are being charged a fair price for the repair (for at-fault drivers who have to pay to repair the other car)
  • Provide an accurate pre-purchase report on the condition of a vehicle you are looking to purchase
  • Help with any other car assessment or valuation need you may have

We are able to assess vehicles both in person and remotely via digital means, which means we are able to assess any car or vehicle in the Brisbane or Queensland area and provide an official assessment report that will be recognised by insurance companies and the courts.

We thoroughly inspect the vehicle and put together a comprehensive report with all the necessary technical data and cost quotes to accurately evaluate the vehicle, its true market value and the repairs needed (if damaged). We will also advise you of your options in relation to how to proceed if you need to make or dispute a claim.

From members of the public who are uninsured, all the way up to businesses with large fleets, we work with anybody who needs a vehicle assessment in Brisbane and Queensland.

We cover all aspects of vehicle assessing including:

  • Accident damage assessing
  • Post repair assessing (how well the repair was done)
  • Quote & bill assessing (how fair the bill you got is)
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Car valuations (including classic and sports cars)
  • And any other type of vehicle assessment you need

So if you need a car assessed in Brisbane or Queensland, just fill out the form below to get in contact with us now.

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What Are Benefits of Getting Your Car Assessed By National Assessing & Engineering?

Because we are independent car assessors, you can be sure that you are getting a fair assessment that reflects the true cost of the repair, or the true market value of the car.

We are not affiliated with any repairers or insurance, so we have no reason to give a biased assessment.

Furthermore, we are recognised by the courts in NSW for our expert witness reports, which means our car assessments hold even more weight.

Our goal with every assessment is to ensure a fair outcome for both sides, no matter whether you are the at-fault driver or the not-at-fault driver. We just want to make sure the repairs are done properly and no one is ripped off.

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