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Holden HJ Premier Differential Rebuild

Differential Rebuild on a Holden HJ Premier

One of our customers was recommended to us to do a differential rebuild on his original, one owner Holden HJ Premier.

We removed the complete differential assembly from the car and then proceeded to dismantle the differential assembly. After it was all dismantled all the parts where placed in the hot tank to remove the 49 years of dirt and grime build up, bringing all the parts and housing back to like new appearance.

Once the cleanup was done, the main banjo style diff housing was painted the original Holden Banjo diff color of Red. The diff mounting and axle tube housing were painted back to the original black color.

The differential parts were fully inspected and all parts measured to make sure they were still within the OEM specifications.Then all parts were reassembled with all new bearings and seals, with all the crown wheel and pinion bearings set back to OEM pre-loads.

New universal joints were fitted and the tail shaft was cleaned and painted back to the original OEM Red color.

Holden HJ Premier Differential Rebuild Holden HJ Premier Differential Rebuild

The customer was amazed at the effort we made to not just rebuild his differential but to see the effort we went through to make the job look original.

He took many pictures of the underparts of the car to share with all his friends and all the people in the Holden car club he is a member of.

Holden HJ Premier Differential Rebuild

We take pride in all our jobs that we do and strive for 110% customer satisfaction also while upholding the highest standard of workmanship no corners are ever cut. If you need your transmission or differential rebuilt, talk to us today!