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Ford Focus 6 Speed Gearbox Rebuild

Recently, Ford Australia sent us a 6 speed Ford Focus electronic shift manual gearbox for rebuild. Being front wheel drive, these gearboxes also contain the differential in the geartrain and housing.

This style of gearbox has a common problem where, when driven incorrectly, the gear selection drum breaks the drum stopper lug away from the main housing. This then allows the gearbox to select 2 gears at the same time, creating a lock up of the gearbox and not allowing the car to move or select any other gears.

In this case the gearbox needed to be removed from the car and be completely dismantled, due to most of the bearings being a tapered roller style that need to be pressed off the main shafts of the gearbox. Also, the gearbox needed to be dismantled to check that the gears had not been damaged or the selector forks had not been bent.

Ford Focus 6 Speed Gearbox RebuildFord Focus 6 Speed Gearbox Rebuild

One that was all done, we cleaned and inspected all parts and reassembled the gearbox and front diff into a new front main housing. We reset all the correct OEM tolerances of the tapered roller bearings as we refit the outer main housing of the gearbox, completing the assembly of the gearbox. We then ran a test on the gear change to ensure everything was operating to OEM specifications.

If you need to get your gearbox or drivetrain rebuilt, talk to us today. We specialise in all gearbox, transmission and differential rebuilds and can help you!