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If Your Ute or 4x4 Has Been Modified, Chances Are The ADAS Is Off and Needs Recalibrating...

Get Your Ute or 4x4's ADAS Checked Now For FREE!

Unfortunately, most shops that offer ute and 4×4 modifications such as bigger wheels and tyres, lift kits and front bar upgrades don’t do the ADAS calibrations after the modifications are carried out.

The problem is that by doing these modifications, it changes all the angles of the ADAS cameras and sensors which require it to be recalibrated in order to operate correctly.

If left uncalibrated, the ADAS will be incorrectly reading what is going on in the surroundings and can interfere without cause, because it thinks there is an accident to avoid. This can be very dangerous, especially at motorway speeds.

Here’s an example of how having the camera just 1 degree off can affect the braking distance:

ADAS 4x4 Calibrations

And it doesn’t stop with the brakes. Many ADAS systems have Evasive Steering Assist as part of the system, which means that the car could swerve unexpectedly if the system is not operating correctly.

ADAS Calibration on 4x4s and Utes

Then you have the issue with insurance. If you have done modifications to the vehicle, left the ADAS uncalibrated and have an accident, your insurance company is likely to try and deny your claim, and you may not be covered.

As such, making sure your ADAS is correctly calibrated is extremely important.

We at NAE offer FREE ADAS checks for modified utes and 4x4s. These checks take about 5 minutes, where we will inspect your ADAS system and be able to tell you if it needs a recalibration or not. While we are doing this, you can enjoy a coffee on us.

Pop by our workshop at 5/41 Ferry Rd, Southport between 8:30am and 5pm Monday to Friday to get your 4×4 or ute checked for free!

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