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Market Value Reports in Australia

If you are looking at buying a vehicle, selling a vehicle, or getting insurance and want to make sure it is insured for its true value, you need a car valuation.
You may also need a vehicle valuation for GST and depreciation calculations, estate or trust management, or to get finance.
Whatever the reason may be, we can help you!
A car valuation will take a look at the particular car in question and establish the true market value based on a number of factors including make, model and year, current condition, service history, any modifications, recent sales values of similar models and so on.
The valuation can then be used to make sure you are buying or selling the car for a fair amount, or be used to get insurance for your car at a correct and fair value (not the value the insurance company wants to place on it).
We offer our car valuation service for any car or vehicle in Australia including classic cars, modified cars and standard cars and will do our utmost to provide the true valuation for your pride and joy.

We service all of Australia, covering all states, including:

  • Victoria
  • Queensland
  • New South Wales
  • South Australia
  • Western Australia
  • ACT
  • Tasmania

So if you are in any of these areas and need to get a car (or cars) valuated, we can help you. Just fill out the form below.

When You Might Need a Car Valuation

  • Taking out a new insurance policy

  • Marital separation agreements

  • Refinancing (and you want to use your vehicle as equity)
  • Fleet valuations

  • GST returns

  • Deceased Estate settlements
  • Stock depreciation

  • Fringe Benefit Tax assessments

Who We Work With

Modified Cars

Classic & Sports Cars

Standard Cars & Fleets


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