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Why Should You Choose National
Assessing & Engineering?

The National Assessing & Engineering team is made up of honest members providing you with the highest quality of work and respect.

We aim to produce quotes, assessments and advice in a timely manner. Ensuring that care is taken and provided to each and every customer. We aim to provide a professional yet caring relationship to each of our customers as well as meeting their highest expectations.

We strive to complete what is requested within a committed timeframe, and to still uphold the expected level of accuracy and professionalism we ensure to deliver.

Latest Software

We use the latest software and programs to ensure you get the best possible outcome for your quoting and assessing needs.‚Äč

Support in all the States

We have the ability to quote and assess in all states of Australia. This is a major advantage for fleet managers and claims handlers that manage accident on a national scale.

Recognized by the Courts

We are recognized and appointed by the courts of NSW to produce expert witness reports.

Experienced Staff

Over 50 years combined industry experience. Our staff is fully qualified in the smash repair industry.

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