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Dealing with an accident damaged vehicle that needs to be repaired is stressful enough. Managing a fleet of vehicles and having to stay on top of making sure they are all repaired and done so properly can be a nightmare.

For each vehicle you have to go through the process of making the insurance claim, selecting a repairer you can trust and getting the repair done, and organising a replacement vehicle while yours is out getting fixed, all while keeping track of which vehicles are in which stage of the process

But what if the other driver or their insurance don’t want to cover the full cost of the repair?

Now you have to spend even more time fighting to get the costs covered, which could involve having to prove how much the repair really is going to cost so that you get all the money to cover it.

Now imagine you have to do that for several vehicles!

Then once that’s over, you need to actually get the repair done, and now you need to make sure that the repair has actually been done properly and up to standard.

This is extremely important with modern vehicles, as a lot of these cars have safety and accident avoidance systems which, if not calibrated correctly after a repair, can make the car extremely dangerous or even deadly to drive.

And guess who will be legally liable if a customer or employee is driving this car when something bad happens?


This is why getting every single step of the collision repair process is absolutely crucial if you want to make sure you don’t stay out of pocket, waste a lot of time and risk a law suit.

As car assessors and accident management specialists, we at National Assessing are here to ensure that you don’t have to waste your time dealing with all of this and risking something going wrong.

We specialise in helping companies deal with their fleets. We provide a one stop solution so that every time you have a vehicle that has been damaged, you can simply pick up the phone and call us and we will take care of the whole process.

Who We Work With

Fleet Management

Rental Car Companies

Businesses with Company Cars

Operations Management

Anyone who needs a fleet of vehicles assessed

What Benefits Do You Get By Working with National Assessing & Quoting?

As we’ve already covered, the process of getting the damaged vehicles in your fleet repaired is a complicated and time-consuming one. It can also expose you to legal consequences if you don’t get it right.

Our goal at National Assessing & Quoting is to make sure that is not the case for your business.

Our car assessing service for fleets and businesses cuts down the significant amount of time and resources it takes to organise these matters, and replaces it with the convenience of a simple phone call.

We then do all the work that it takes to get the car sorted for you, and bring it back to you when it’s done.

That way, you and your business save a heap of time, which can instead be directed to doing what you do best. Basically, we allow you to focus on your job, by hiring us to do ours.

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