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Toyota Requires Clear Coat Blending to Stop in Body Repairs

Toyota Puts an End to Clear Coat Blending on Repair Jobs

Toyota has updated it’s Collision Repair Information Bulletin No. 65 on clear coat to require panel beaters to follow the paint manufacturer’s requirements.

On the bulletin, Toyota wrote: “To maintain vehicle quality and durability, Toyota and Lexus require all refinish repairs to follow the application guidelines of the applicable paint manufacturer. Clear coat blending or melting does not meet the minimum film build requirements of the major paint manufacturers. Failure to not meet the minimum film requirements can lead to durability defects in the blended area and is not warranted by the paint manufacturers.”

Toyota Requires Clear Coat Blending to Stop in Body Repairs


What’s interesting about this is that Toyota says it “requires” panel beaters to follow this, not “recommends strongly” as was the case in the previous version:

Undesirable quality issues can negatively impact refinish durability, customer satisfaction, and the reputation of the repair facility performing clear coat blending. Therefore, Toyota recommends strongly against solvent blending clear coat.

Toyota’s new wording to “require” proper clear coat application should remove any doubt with insurers regarding repair procedures. Following the paint manufacturer’s requirements must be done, according to the automaker.

Adding to this, the Society of Collision Repair Specialists asked leading paint manufacturers including AkzoNobel, Sherwin-Williams, Valspar and Chemspec on their opinion of clear coat blending. All of them confirmed that they would not warranty clear coat blending.