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ADAS Calibration After Repair

Why You Need to Get an ADAS Calibration Done After a Repair

Most modern cars are full of safety systems, know as ADAS. These systems help the driver to avoid accidents on the road and generally make driving safer. However, they are very delicate and must be in the absolute correct position in order to work correctly.

Firstly, What Exactly Is ADAS?

ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and is the combination of safety features made up of cameras and sensors (usually radar or lidar), which send signals to the car in order to avoid a potential accident. The car can then brake or swerve as needed.

These sensors and cameras are located throughout the car, usually on the front and rear behind the bumpers and grill, and behind the windscreen. They are very sensitive and have to be in exactly the correct position, to the degree, in order to work correctly.

Why Does ADAS Need to Be Calibrated After a Repair?

When a repair is carried out on the car, such as a panel repair or a windscreen replacement, the ADAS sensors are often moved by necessity. In the case of the windscreen, the sensors use the windscreen to work correctly. When a new windscreen is installed, the position of the camera in relation to the windscreen has changed, and it can no longer correctly read the surroundings.

As such, once the repair is carried out, the ADAS system needs to be calibrated in order for it to work correctly. The ADAS calibration will ensure that the sensors are in the correct position and are working correctly to “see” what’s going on.

ADAS Calibration After Repair

What Happens If You Don’t Recalibrate the ADAS?

If the ADAS system is left uncalibrated, the car will not be able to respond correctly to the situation and can either not work at all, or it will interfere when there is no need.

This often means braking for no reason, as most ADAS systems involve brake assist. But it can also mean steering, as some ADAS systems also include steering assist. Essentially it means that you could be driving down the motorway, the sensors misread the surroundings and swerve your car in an attempt to avoid an “accident” that isn’t there.

For this reason, it can be extremely dangerous to drive a car with an uncalibrated ADAS system.

Get Your ADAS Calibrated Today

We at NAE offer full ADAS calibrations. We have the latest ADAS recalibration equipment and are able to calibrate your car after a repair. Speak to us today by calling 1800 844 999.