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ADAS Recalibrations

Why It’s Important to Get ADAS Checked After Working On Your Vehicle

If you’ve had some work done on your vehicle that’s equipped with ADAS, whether it’s repairs after an accident or it’s a modification, chances are that you’ll need to get the ADAS recalibrated.

ADAS systems are complex and can have many sensors around the car including behind the windscreen and behind the bumpers, that rely on being in the absolute correct position in order to function correctly.

If something has been done to the car, even something simple like a windscreen replacement, lowered right height or different sized wheels and tyres, the ADAS system must be recalibrated in order to function correctly.

This is because if a sensor or camera is even 1 degree off, it can have a severe effect on the operation of the ADAS system, rendering it either useless or even dangerous, if it starts to interfere with your driving in a manner that can cause an accident.

Effects of an uncalibrated ADAS system can including:

  • Unexpected braking for no reason
  • Unexpected avoidance steering (if the car has this feature)
  • Warning alerts for things that are not there
  • And more

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms with your vehicle, come in to see us for a free ADAS Check.

Getting your ADAS checked after repairs or modification is crucial to ensure that everything is still functioning as it should. We at NAE offer free ADAS checks where we will be able to quickly tell you if your ADAS system needs a recalibration.

To book in your free ADAS check, simply email us on or call 1800 844 999.