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Pre-Purchase Car Inspections

Why It’s Worth Getting a Pre-Purchase Inspection

Nobody wants to buy a new car only to find out that it is hiding something below the surface which could make it un-roadworthy, worth much less at resale or even need an immediate repair. Unfortunately, hundreds of cars on the road are hiding something and it’s important to be vigilant when purchasing a car.

Pre-Purchase Car Inspections

When people get a car they are looking to buy inspected, they often focus on the mechanics of the car, getting the engine, transmission etc checked out. While this is certainly a good idea, they often overlook the body and chassis of the vehicle, which can be even more problematic depending on what’s happened to the car.

Incorrectly done chassis, panel and body repairs can cause a number problems anywhere from something like making the car worth less at resale if the bad repair is picked up, to making the car unsafe in an accident resulting in death or injury.

Panel repairs that are not done correctly can often be seen by the keen eye, but even if they are not immediately picked up, eventually they will show. Usually this happens when the paintwork starts to fall apart prematurely and exposes the fact that the repair has been done to a poor standard. This will make the car worth significantly less for resale and you’ll be driving around in a car that looks like it’s falling apart.

On the extreme end of the scale, shoddy body and chassis repairs can make a car extremely unsafe, since the car won’t perform as designed in an accident and you and your passengers could end up injured or worse. Instances of this could be rust in structural areas that has not been repaired but has just been covered up, incorrect repair proceedures, repairs on cars that otherwise should not have been repaired at all and so on.

This is why it is extremely important to get a pre-purchase car inspection done if you are looking to buy a car, and make sure that not only are the mechanicals checked out but so is the chassis of the vehicle.

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