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Why you should get the car assessed after an accident

Why You Should Get the Car Independently Assessed After An Accident (Whether You Were At Fault Or Not)

Car accidents are an unfortunate part of driving a vehicle. They disrupt your life, take up a lot of your time, and can cost you money. However, often the accident is only the start of the worries.

When it comes to getting the car repaired, whether it’s yours and you were not at fault, or you were at fault and you have to repair the other party’s vehicle, if you are not prepared you can be taken for a ride and end up with an improper repair job, orĀ  paying much more than a fair price to get the car repaired.

That’s why getting the car in question assessed is extremely important.

Why you should get the car assessed after an accident

Getting Your Car Assessed – If You Were Not At Fault

If you were not at fault and its the other party’s responsibility to repair your vehicle, you need to make sure that you are actually going to get the full cost of the repair covered, and that the repair has been done properly.

This is where getting the car assessed comes in. Before the repair, getting the car assessed with provide you with a report that states exactly what the damage is and what it will cost to repair properly, to the manufacturer’s standard. This ensures that when the other party or their insurance come to pay, that they actually pay the full amount. It happens all too often that insurance work with repairers to take shortcuts and knock off parts of the bill, so you have to be careful.

This report will also help you in the case you need to go to court, so that you can prove what the true cost of the repair will be and what you are owed.

After the repair, it is a good idea to get a post repair assessment done to ensure that the repair has actually been done up to standard.

If the repair has not been done correctly, you are likely to face issues in the future, and it’s going to be difficult to prove that the repair is at fault after time has passed. Which means you will have to pay to rectify any issues. So it’s best to get it checked right away and know for sure that it’s been done right.

Getting The Other Party’s Car Assessed – If You Were At Fault

If you were the at-fault driver and you need to pay (or have your insurance pay) the other party’s repair bill, you can request to have their car assessed by an independent assessor.

The reason you will want to do this is so that you have a report on what the true cost of the repair is, so that when the bill comes, you are not being over charged for the work (a very common occurrence).

This will either save you from paying an unreasonable amount for the repair, or will help you with your insurance company to keep your premiums lower despite making the claim.

Get the Car Assessed Now

If you have a vehicle you need assessed, whether yours or someone else’s, speak to us today at NAE to provide a completely independent car assessment!