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Post Repair Car Assessing

Why It’s a Good Idea to Get Your Car Assessed After a Repair

Normally when people get their car back from repair they think the process is over and they can relax. However, often this is not the case, and here we will explain why it’s a good idea to get the car assessed after a repair has been carried out.

Many repairs, especially if done through insurance, tend to be rushed and squeezed to be done at the lowest cost possible. Many shops are pressured into meeting various straining standards or quotas and only have a certain amount of cost or time they can charge for a repair. This results in rushed work, poor finishes and jobs that are not done properly.

Post Repair Car Assessing

If you are having a car repaired, it is in your best interest to ensure that the job has been done properly. After all it’s your car, you are the one that will pay the price.

How can a bad repair affect you?

At the low end of the spectrum you have the things such as poor quality finishes which make the appearance look bad, poor alignment of panels and thin, low quality paint which can deteriorate quickly, break down and cause more severe issues such as rusting (which you will have to pay to repair).

On the high end you have serious safety issues, such as if the structure of the vehicle has been repaired correctly, and if all safety features such as seat belts and occupant safety systems and ADAS has been properly repaired, replaced and recalibrated. If these things are not done right, the car could be seriously dangerous to drive and in some cases actually have resulted in death.

Getting the car inspected after a repair is not just a superficial check. It is to ensure that all aspects of the vehicle have been safely and correctly repaired and put back together, so that the vehicle is just like new. It’s your safety and the safety of your passengers that is at stake.

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